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Feedback and Complaints

Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR) is committed to maintaining a high level of ethical standards in all areas of our operations. As part of good corporate governance practices, we have established an independent and secure reporting program through which the employees of the organization or members of the public may, in confidence and in anonymity, raise concerns about potential improprieties regarding safety and security, harassment and discrimination, theft and fraud, code of conduct compliance and other sensitive matters. Furthermore, the program also ensures that proper arrangements are in place to actively monitor and manage any concerns or issues raised.

Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR) believes in addressing all client and members of the public’s complaints in a timely manner. ASYR strives for excellence in client satisfaction and makes every effort to treat all complaints promptly and courteously in order to address the issue. The complaint process is used to address all types of concerns and complaints using a centralized reporting and follow-up process. The complaints addressed include, but are not limited to, all issues related to programs and service delivery.

ASYR takes complaints seriously and will make every effort to address the complaint as quickly as possible. We view complaints as an opportunity to evaluate services and performance.

If you have a complaint, please click here to complete our Complaint Form or contact an ASYR Supervisor or Director to discuss your concerns by calling (905) 841-7007. You may submit the complaint in person at ASYR, by mail or by e-mail.