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Mission, Philosophy and Values

Our Vision

ASYR’s vision is built on input from the community stakeholders, staff and the board of directors. Through consultation, we have identified the following target areas for the organization as it moves towards 2018.

Our Four Areas of commitment

  • A passion for Serving Clients – ASYR is committed to sustaining its strong client focus in all aspects of work in the field of addictions.
  • Leadership and Expertise in Addictions – ASYR will continue to lead in addictions wellness as recognized experts in the Region of York.
  • Incredible Partnerships and Community Presence – ASYR is committed to building and sustaining collaborative partnerships and maintaining a respected presence in the Region of York.
  • Innovation and Education Make ASYR a Workplace of Choice – ASYR, as progressive and responsive innovators will enhance its reputation as a dynamic workplace of choice in the addictions field.

Our vision statement incorporates our four commitments:

“Addiction Services for York Region takes pride in its passion for client service. Each day presents new opportunities to demonstrate leadership and expertise in addictions to the community. Strengthened by our own ongoing work with incredible partners, we continue to evolve as innovators and educators, and as a workplace of choice.”

Our Mission

We are a non-profit agency that supports change in the lives of individuals, their families and communities related to substance use and gambling.

Our Philosophy

We understand that substance abuse and problem gambling are the result of personal lifestyle issues and coping strategies. We also recognize the detrimental effects of addictions on the emotional, mental and physical health of individuals, their families and friends.

We promote a safe and supportive environment that supports diversity and is sensitive to culture, ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, religion and sexual orientation.

We consider our clients’ preferences, needs and circumstances, while working with them and their support system to create a personalized counselling program.

Our Values

The people we serve

  • We believe in their ability to make choices
  • We honour their life experiences
  • We respect their dignity, worth and resolve
  • We recognize the impact of social inequities on the lives of individuals
  • Inclusivity
  • We value the input from the people we serve
  • We believe in being accessible to our diverse community
  • We value the ongoing need to reach out to our community


  • We believe all people have the right to services that are consistent and meaningful to them and sensitive to their social and lived experiences
  • We offer a supportive environment that validates individual needs
  • We recognize that those persons from groups who have been historically disadvantaged by mainstream systems, structures and ideologies should have access to services
  • We value advocacy for those who do not have access to services
  • We value outreach to those who are denied service or are not identified


  • We value our staff and trust in their ability
  • We believe in a safe and supported work environment
  • We value the integrity of the staff in their relationship with clients
  • We value formal and experiential training
  • We honour ongoing learning

Board of Directors

  • We value commitment to moral, ethical and transparent governance
  • We value accountability and responsibility for public funds
  • We value relationships with our funders
  • We value continuous learning and development
  • We strive for diverse representation on our board