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Education Group

The Education Group is an OPEN group and part of the Adult Program.
For a 
definition of open and closed groups, see the Groups Page.


The educational group's aim to offer a supportive environment where participants can acquire new information and awareness about their own substance use. The groups are a 4-week cycle and will be held on an ongoing basis.

There are 4 different topics covered that relate to substance use. These groups are open to clients of ASYR, and there is no need for referral or registration. There will be some discussion relevant to topics, and participants can choose to share as much or as little in relation to these topics.



The education groups are open to men and women aged 24-and-up who are looking to make changes with regards to their substance use.



Aurora Office- Tuesday Mornings: 10:30am-12:00pm

                            Tuesday Evenings: 6:30pm-8:00pm



Understanding Substance Abuse

  • Continuum of substance use
  • Biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors associated with substance use
  • Abstinence vs. reduction
  • Withdrawal symptoms

Effects of Substances/Mental Health

  • Exploring different types of mental health issues
  • Identifying the effects of drugs on the Central Nervous System and the brain
  • Understanding physical, behavioural, and emotional symptoms
  • Explore the relationship between mental health and substance use

Self Reflection

  • Positive and negative outcomes of individual use
  • Stages involved in making changes
  • Explore personal advantages and disadvantages of making changes to substance use

Coping with Cravings

  • Understand the nature of cravings
  • Exploring triggers and breaking associations
  • Explore coping strategies and relapse prevention strategies



The structure of the group as well as the content covered in each session is designed to:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Provide opportunity to evaluate change
  • Expand awareness of  behavioural and physiological impacts of substance use
  • Normalize experience when making changes to substance use
  • Provide an opportunity to explore coping strategies
  • Learn about resources that can be helpful in recovery
  • Learn about personal self-care strategies that can be helpful in recovery
  • Develop personal goals in recovery

If you are interested in attending this group please discuss with your counselor for a referral .