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Friends & Family Support Group

The Friends & Family Support Group is a CLOSED group and part of the Adult Program.
For a 
definition of open and closed groups, see the Groups Page.

Group Description

This group is a support group for loved ones who are supporting someone struggling with substance use over the age of twenty-three. 

This group is a closed group, this means there is a set number of participants (10) and those participants come for all eight sessions. 

Only one member of a family can participate in one cycle, this allows several families to receive support and evens out the dynamics of the group

Because we are focused on support of those struggling with substances this group may not be helpful for those dealing with significant anger and resentment towards ex-spouses dealing with addiction.  We recommend individual support for these particular needs.   


What to Expect

Our role

In this group our role as facilitators is to introduce ideas and concepts to you to support your understanding of substance use, how to better support yourself and how to better support your loved one.  We will provide opportunities to explore and share your personal experiences and feelings while finding support from the group. 

Your role

This group is for you, therefore your role is to use what works and leave what does not work.  There are things you can do to make the most of this group:

  • Come on time, we will be starting at 6:30
  • Come with an open mind
  • Use what you learn in group out in your daily life
  • Note any self-reflections you have throughout this group
  • Participate in any way you like
  • Take chances



Session 1:  Welcome and getting to know the group

Session 2:  Understanding Substance Use and Recovery

Session 3:  Practicing Self-Care

Session 4:  Boundaries and Communication

Session 5:  Fear and Anger

Session 6:  Stigma, Guilt and Shame

Session 7:   Grief and Letting Go

Session 8:  Closure: Hope is a Journey, Not a Destination

If you are interested in attending this group please discuss with your counselor for a referral .