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Men's Aftercare Support Group

The Men's Aftercare Group is a CLOSED group and part of the Adult Program.
For a 
definition of open and closed groups, see the Groups Page.


This group is an open-ended therapeutic process group for men who want to address their substance use issues in a supportive environment.

The goal of the group is to discuss issues related to substance misuse and to examine how these issues affect each person’s quality of life. The group provides an interpersonal environment designed to assist individuals to become aware of unhelpful patterns of behavior and encourages participants to practice new ways of interacting with others in a more helpful way.

The format of the group is unstructured and involves interpersonal sharing, giving feedback, and challenging one another to develop more constructive patterns of behavior. Each group begins with a brief check in and ends with a brief check out.

Each Cycle runs for an 8 week period. Please check with you counselor for details.  A referral by your counselor is needed for this group.


The group is open to men who have achieved some stability regarding their goals around substance use and who have had previous group experience such as the Education Group at ASYR or other educational programs involving outpatient or inpatient residential programs.

PURPOSE: To create an atmosphere that is:

  •  a safe environment for men
  • non-judgmental
  • respectful of others
  • opportunity to own personal experiences while sharing with others
  • promoting of self-growth and awareness
  • able to provide and receive support from others
  • non-discriminatory and accepting of all

If you are interested in attending this group please discuss with your counselor for a referral .