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Parenting and Substance Use Group

The Parenting and Substance Use Group is a CLOSED group and part of the Umbrellas Program.
For a 
definition of open and closed groups, see the Groups Page.

The Umbrellas Program staff run a weekly,  8 week cycle of the Parenting and Substance Use Group. This weekly group is lead by the Umbrellas Program staff; it is a combination of psycho educational topics and processing over an 8-week cycle. 

The topics  include:  

  • Risk and Protective Factors and affects on parenting
  • Coping with Stress: Caring for Yourself While Caring for your Child(ren)
  • Substance Use in Relationships and Parenting; Substance Use, Early Trauma and Parenting
  • Impact of Anger on Parenting; Parenting with Anxiety and Depression and Achieving Balance. 

If you are interested in attending this group please discuss with your counselor for a referral .