2014 Annual Report

Message from the Chair & Executive Director

Brian Bigras, CHAIR & Penny Marrett, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

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The past year has seen a great deal of accomplishments at ASYR. Working with our partners, we held a conference featuring world-renowned Dr. Gabor Maté. This conference provided healthcare professionals from across Canada with an opportunity to come together to hear Dr. Maté talk about the impact of addictions and the work that we are doing in our community. This was an important initiative for ASYR.

We are grateful to our staff and partners for organizing such an excellent conference. ASYR is committed to bringing exceptional educational opportunities to health professionals in York Region.

Thank you to our funders and donors for their continued support of our work. Your belief in what we are doing is very much appreciated.

Working with our partners to serve the residents of York Region and South Simcoe has helped to strengthen our knowledge and expertise. We look forward to continuing to find ways to collaborate together for the betterment of our community.

During the year, we worked with the Chippewas of Georgina Island to support their priority of Youth. Working in partnership with the Georgina Island Health Centre and Band Council, ASYR hosted a conference focused on the needs of Youth on-and off-island. It was very successful and highlighted the positive interaction between the community and ASYR. We look forward to strengthening this very important relationship.

Our dedicated and amazing staff continued to work hard during the last year providing the best possible programs and services to the residents of York Region and South Simcoe. With the implementation of the Community Opioid Treatment Program, ASYR has been able to expand its services. ASYR now offers a multitude of programs, some of which we collaborate with other organizations:

  • Adult Programs
  • Addictions Supportive Housing
  • Alternative Treatment
  • Bridges to Moms
  • Community Opioid Treatment Program
  • Community Withdrawal Management Services
  • Concurrent Disorders
  • Court Diversion
  • Homes Plus Care
  • Housing First Program
  • Intake Department
  • Outreach Program
  • Problem Gambling
  • Umbrellas
  • Youth & Family Program

Earlier this fall, we welcomed our new Executive Director, Penny Marrett. Penny has many years of experience in the not-for-profit sector. The Board looks forward to working with Penny as we continue to strive to achieve our Strategic Directions: Excellence in Addictions Programs, Respected Voice on Addictions, Innovative Client-focused Teams, Financial Investment and Organizational Growth.

Our continued grateful thanks and appreciation to our dedicated Board of Directors. These individuals have spent countless hours during the last year supporting ASYR. Our work would not be the same without you.

Our staff is the foundation of ASYR. Each day, staff serve people affected by addictions and concurrent disorders through counselling, awareness building programs, case management and other supports. Without them, ASYR would not be able to provide the programs and services to the residents of York Region and South Simcoe. To each and every one of you, thank you for all that you do.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities to evolve our programs and services that support change in the lives of individuals, their families and communities related to substance use and gambling.

By the Numbers

  • Total INDIVIDUALS served by the agency – 2,960
  • Total CLIENT connections – 17,609
  • Total PROGRAM registrations – 3,420
  • Total PROGRAMS offered to the community – 14
  • Total GROUPS facilitated – 915
  • NEW Program – Community Opioid Treatment Program

2014 Revenues & Investments

Pie-charts showing revenue and investment percentages for 2014

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Revenue Sources: Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care – 87%; Strategic Partnerships – 10%; Other – 2%; and Ministry of Children & Youth Services – 1%. Investments: Programs – 77%; Operations – 20%, Professional Development – 1%; and Amortization – 1%

Client Testimonials

Bobby's Testimonial

I’m grateful that there are places like ASYR where people with addictions can come and let the bad stuff out. Someone who can do a very good job of listening, understanding and giving advice. Someone who remembers from day one every word I said and brings up things at the right time. ASYR is a good place for guidance, like giving me that little push to start going to AA again. ASYR helped me to learn where not to go, who not to hang around with and how not to repeat bad habits.

Matthew's Testimonial

I am just writing to tell you how AMAZING things are going for me since I became a client at ASYR. Since February of this year, I have just moved up and up and up on the ladder of success. Not success in a fiscal way, but in the way of achieving important life goals. And the climbing up certainly does not stop here. I will need to “work” at life in general until my dying day. I just have to get on that bicycle and ride. ASYR staff have been a great support for me. I am very well taken care of in my recovery. I see good things on the horizon. Thank you ASYR for doing such a wonderful job in caring for me at times when I simply could not care for myself. I am stable and well … and I am ready to rocket to the moon.

Dianne's Testimonial

When I first met with ASYR staff, I expected the generic counselling that I’ve received so many times in the past. My ASYR counsellor gives me so much more to think about every time I leave from our meetings. I’ve learned to listen more and to hear what I really want within myself. I’ve also learned to exhaust every possibility of reconciliation if it’s still in my heart, before quitting. Many times I’ll question myself and ASYR staff will listen and only when I’m done, will they ask me a question that opens my mind up to the answers I already have lingering in the background. I feel enlightened and a little stronger after each appointment. I have had many bad days, some so depressing that I don’t know what I will do or how I can carry on, but after I meet with my counsellor, I once again feel whole and more self aware. I’m fortunate to have the support I do with ASYR. I highly recommend this agency to anyone in need with confidence. Thank you for all you have done over this short time with me. I hope I can get to the next level that I have needed to attain my whole life. I’ve made strides in big issues … now I must learn to maintain them and to find the courage to carry on myself. This will definitely require counselling to tie it all together. I just wish I would have been counselling with ASYR years ago.

Stephen's Testimonial

… After my intake interview, I met with a clinician who was very supportive and non- judgmental about my gambling addiction. Together we explored the circum- stances around why I was gambling and what the triggers are. My counsellor worked with me to sort out my feelings and helped me to identify mutually agreeable goals to work towards. We also set up coping mechanisms to deal with my urges. I was also fortunate to be able to take part in the ADAPT 5 Day Workshop that ASYR hosted. I learned a lot about myself and others during that time. That workshop was really great and helpful. I am definitely grateful for all the help and support ASYR has given me over this difficult time. I shudder to think what would have happened if I did not come back to use the services again. This is the second time in 10 years I have used ASYR Services. I have recommended this service to people at work whose loved ones were going through crisis. I like Addiction Services for York Region in Aurora – it is a very nice professional office. As someone who works with people, I know that ASYR works.

2014 Annual Report cover

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