Strategic Plan

ASYR has set out these four strategic directions:

  1. Excellence in Addictions Programs
  2. The Respected Voice on Addictions
  3. Innovative Client-Focused Teams
  4. Financial Investment and Organizational Growth
strategic plan binder with charts and graphs

To ensure ASYR remains a dynamic and integral part of the community, we will be undertaking the following key tactics:

Obtaining and Sustaining Accreditation

We are committed to excellence in client care and will demonstrate that excellence through third party accreditation

Delivering on Client Safety

We will continue our work with the broader healthcare system to develop and support innovation in client safety by way of defined programs and evidence-informed practices.

Aligning and Supporting System Service Delivery

We will incorporate and contribute to the system-wide planning efforts of our key funder to support a seamless experience for our clients.

Increasing Two-Way Communication

We recognize that the importance of sharing our expertise rests in our ability to listen to emerging community needs. We will focus on developing tools to listen to individuals, families and the community in order to identify the best possible methods to engage others on an ongoing basis.

Leading an Addictions Community Round Table

We understand there is a strong need in the community for a place to share, learn and talk about addictions. We are committed to creating an Addictions Round Table to support dialogue between agencies and community members on how to collectively address emerging needs for addictions treatment.

Investing in Professional Development

We will continue to develop the skills and knowledge of staff and volunteers to support strong team development within the organization and in the community.

Increasing Our Focus on Innovation

We will strengthen our focus on innovation to develop new services and improve existing services.

Investing in Service Innovation

We will continue to explore methods to make strategic financial investments in service delivery methods to support sustained service growth.

Participating in Community Planning to Support System Delivery

ASYR will be an active partner in the development of long-term plans for organizational growth that support an integrated approach to building resources (i.e. people, capital and funding) for comprehensive service delivery in the Region of York.

Enhancing Organizational Growth

We will explore, develop and implement a long-term plan for organizational growth.


covr of ASYR 2013-2018 Strategic PlanTo Receive a Hard Copy of Our 2018 Strategic Plan

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the 2013-2018 ASYR Strategic Plan, please send us an email with your contact details and the name of the document you are requesting. We will provide you with a PDF copy by return email.

* Please note, our hard copy version is not fully accessible.