ASYR to Lead Wellness Collaborative

On August 29, 2017, the Minister of Health & Long-Term Care (Ontario) announced that $222 Million would be invested in addictions over the next three years. In the fall of 2017, the Ministry announced that it was committed to investing in the community and that $70 Million of the $222 Million would be invested in long-term support for individuals affected by addictions.

In the fall of 2017, the Central LHIN, as the funder, identified Addiction Services for York Region as the lead agency and a group of addiction service providers funded by the Central LHIN came together to discuss the enhancement of programs and services as well as the development of new programs for individuals affected by addictions within the Central LHIN:

logos for collaborative agencies

Priorities of the Collaborative

A number of priority areas were identified by the Collaborative that supported the provincial opioid strategy and addictions more generally:

  • Case Management
  • Peer Support
  • Outreach/Street Outreach
  • Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinics (RAAM)

The target population for the programs and services are:

  • Individuals living with addictions
  • Families, loved ones and friends of individuals living with addictions
  • Primary Care

Goals and Objectives/Alignment with the Central LHIN
Integrated Health Service Plan (2016-2019)

The goals and objectives of the Wellness Collaborative align with the Integrated Health Services Plan (2016-2019) of the Central LHIN:

  • Better access to appropriate health services, including addiction and mental health services and supports leading to better outcomes
  • Increased understanding of the resources availability for everyone, including those who may be marginalized populations
  • Increased ability for people affected by addictions and mental health issues to access needed services in a timely way
  • Increased awareness of health care options, coordination and ease of navigation leading to a reduction in visits to Emergency Departments

Wellness Collaborative Initiatives

The Wellness Collaborative through established community partnerships, are pleased to offer a variety of fun-filled wellness initiatives to promote healthy living and to embrace the winter season!

Events are FREE and open to all individuals who have been affected by addiction in some way. We encourage you to bring friends and family members to join in the events. Registration is mandatory to participate.

Visit our PROGRAM CALENDAR for upcoming Wellness Activities!