Central LHIN Patient, Caregiver & Resident Engagement Survey – Closes May 4th.

Integrated Health Services Plan 2019-2022

Caring Communities, Healthier People

The Central Local Health Integration Network (Central LHIN) is pleased to launch the first of many engagement opportunities as we embark on the next 3-year business planning cycle for the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP): 2019-2022.

The Central LHIN develops an IHSP every 3 years to define shared goals for strengthening patient-centred care at both the regional and local community level. As the Central LHIN works with its partners to develop this plan, it is important that they hear from patients, clients, caregivers, consumers and residents throughout this process.

One way they will do this is through a Patient, Caregiver and Resident Engagement Survey. They kindly asked ASYR to share this survey with our clients, patients and caregivers as they aim to learn more about your experiences with the health care system, ideas for living healthier lives in your home and community, and how this can be achieved together through caring communities.

The feedback the Central LHIN receives will provide critical insights on their strengths and opportunities and will be used for future discussions as they work to finalize their plan and put the next IHSP into action.

Here are the links to the Patient, Caregiver and Resident Engagement Survey – available in both English and French:

To access the Survey in English click here:

Resident Survey_English

To access the Survey in French click here:

Resident Survey_French

If you have any questions, or require support to complete the survey, please contact Lisa Kitchen, Community Engagement and Integration Lead at lisa.kitchen@lhins.on.ca or 905.948.1872 ext. 7983.

The Survey will be open until May 4th, 2018.

Updates regarding the IHSP will be available on the Central LHIN website and Twitter feed.

Thank you for your continued support.