Complaints & Appeals

Complaints Policy

Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR) believes in addressing all client and members of the public’s complaints in a timely manner. ASYR strives for excellence in client satisfaction and makes every effort to treat all complaints promptly and courteously in order to address the issue. The complaint process is used to address all types of concerns and complaints using a centralized reporting and follow-up process. The complaints addressed include, but are not limited to, all issues related to service delivery.

ASYR takes complaints seriously and will make every effort to address the complaint as quickly as possible. We view complaints as an opportunity to evaluate services and performance.

Client Complaints

  1. Client complaints may be initiated verbally or in written form.
  2. Clients are encouraged to try to resolve the issue with the person by finding a solution together after discussing the issue. In most cases, the complaint can be resolved through informal discussion.
  3. When the client and/or the staff person are not satisfied with the resolution, supervisors and directors should be involved as quickly as possible to listen and try to find a resolution.
  4. When clients are unable to participate in the above process, they should be encouraged to involve a trusted friend, family member or request an advocate to assist them.
  5. Clients can complete ASYR’s online Feedback & Complaints Form; call ASYR’s Ethics Hotline at 844-792-2278 or 416-369-3797 or email to report any complaint should they wish.
  6. Staff, supervisors and directors will provide the Complaint Form when it is requested. ASYR staff will encourage the client to document the complaint and provide assistance to complete the form, if required.
  7. All complaints will be investigated. The Executive Director will ensure that follow up is conducted with the client to inform him/her of the result of the investigation.
  8. ASYR will respond to all complaints as soon as the investigation is completed.
  9. Lodging a complaint will not result in retaliation or barriers to services.
  10. If the client is not satisfied with the results of the investigation, he/she may submit an appeal in writing.
  11. When an issue arising as a client complaint may be a safety or risk issue, staff is required to report the issue to their supervisor.
  12. If the complaint is related to service provided by an ASYR staff member who is a member of a regulatory college, if, after investigation it is determined that the complaint is as a result of a professional conduct issue, ASYR will submit a complaint to the regulatory body.
  13. Clients may also make a complaint directly to the regulatory college. It is the staff member’s responsibility to advise the client/authorized representative which college he/she belongs to and must facilitate the complaint process by providing contact information of the college.
  14. If the complaint is related to service provided by a student in placement at ASYR, ASYR will notify the educational institution if, after investigation, it is determined that it is a professional conduct issue.
  15. If non-clinical staff receives a complaint about a clinical staff, they will forward the complaint to a director for follow-up.
  16. As part of ASYR’s commitment to Quality Improvement, complaints and actions taken to address complaints, will be incorporated into the Quality Improvement Plan.

    client and counsellor hands exchanging clipboard

Members of the Public

  1. Complaints may be initiated verbally or in written form.
  2. The Executive Director will be made aware of the complaint and is responsible for ensuring an investigation takes place.
  3. Procedures for complaints will follow the same processes as outlined above.

Appeals Policy

Addiction Services for York Region (ASYR) strives for excellence in client satisfaction and makes every effort to treat all complaints promptly and courteously in order to address the issue. Every client and member of the public has the right to appeal an agency complaint decision.


  1. A client and/or member of the public may appeal the decision made by ASYR concerning his/her complaint within a responsible time frame.
  2. On receipt of a written appeal, a complete review of the individual’s complaint will be conducted by a Director. The Director will provide a brief written summary of the complaint, the original decision and any subsequent decision to the Executive Director within five (5) business days of receiving the appeal.
  3. The Director or Executive Director will send a written response to the complainant within a reasonable time frame after the investigation is completed.
  4. Should the client or member of the public not be satisfied with the results of the review of the appeal, s/he may appeal to the ASYR Board of Directors by sending an e-mail to
  5. All decisions made by the Executive Director and/or the Vice-Chair of the Board are final.