Counsellor Rights & Responsibilities

Rights of ASYR Employees

  • ASYR employees and contractors have the right to a safe, productive and healthy working environment based on mutual respect. ASYR works hard to maintain a positive working environment for its staff.
  • Employees have the right to declare a real or perceived conflict of interest in their workplace. Employees have the right to work in an environment where they are free from working with clients whom they have a close personal relationship.
  • ASYR has established an independent and secure reporting program through which ASYR employees of the organization may, in confidence and anonymously, raise concerns about potential issues regarding safety and security, harassment and discrimination and other sensitive matters.
  • No employee who, in good faith, reports a concern shall be subject to retaliation or adverse employment consequences.
  • Employees have the right to report another employee or member of the agency that has engaged in illegal or questionable conduct involving ASYR’s assets or a breach in their Regulatory College’s Code of Ethics.

Your Counsellor’s Responsibilities

Two chairs in comfortable office setting

  • To ensure the safety of all ASYR clients and staff.
  • To approach you if they have a reason to believe you have used drugs or alcohol prior to coming to ASYR.
  • To approach you if your actions are disrespectful to others.
  • To contact a supervisor for support.
  • To contact police if they feel that the situation is getting out of control.