ASYR offers services and alternative therapies in a group setting that are complementary to our personalized counselling programs. Groups help clients who want to address their substance use or gambling issues in a group environment that is supportive and interactive.

group of diverse individuals seated in a group session looking towards the front of the room

Groups also offer alternative ways of coping with stress related to addictions. This allows clients to discover for themselves which activities appeal to them, work best with their abilities, and will support them in their wellness.

  • Our groups and alternative treatments are available only to registered clients of ASYR and require a referral from a counsellor or the Intake Department.
  • They are listed as either “OPEN” or “CLOSED.” An open group is one that can be joined at any time. A closed group runs for a scheduled number of weeks and must be joined at the beginning of its cycle.

Learn more about which ASYR Group is best suited for you and your treatment program:

Please connect with your assigned counsellor or the Intake Department to explore the groups that would best suit your needs, and for a referral to the groups.

I am a family member, friend, or loved one looking for group support related to someone's substance use or problem gambling.