How Eating Healthy can Help you with Addiction Recovery

clear mason jar filled with leafy greens

Eating a healthy diet helps you with addiction recovery by allowing your mind and body to work better and heal faster. It helps you maintain your recovery by supporting your mind and body to function well consistently, thus maintain your good health. Eating healthy helps you with addiction recovery in a number of specific ways such as stabilizing your mood, improving your focus, and increasing your behaviours. Substance use can make you especially vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies, for a number of behavioural and biological reasons- but eating healthy can help correct your nutrient deficiencies and greatly improve your odds of successfully achieving recovery and maintaining it in the long term.

Try eating whole, fresh, unprocessed foods, avoiding fast food, eating a variety of different foods, and eating dark leafy greens!

Adapted from: Edgewood Health Network

Photo by Vince Lee on Unsplash