Adult Substance Use

Are you losing control to drugs or alcohol?
Are drugs or alcohol hurting your relationships with friends and family?
Are you concerned about a loved one’s substance use?

At ASYR, we focus on you and your recovery. We provide a safe and supportive environment where we work with you to regain control and meet your goals.

Who We Help

group session

We offer this program to individuals and their families who:

  • Are 25 years or older
  • Face the challenges associated with alcohol and/or drugs (excludes opioid substances, tobacco and/or caffeine)

This program is voluntary, with clients referring themselves. Referrals from other community agencies are also accepted with the client’s consent.

How We Help

The Adult Substance Use Program uses a holistic approach which motivates and helps you take charge of your recovery. We equally support those who choose abstinence and those who choose controlled use or harm reduction.

The program offers:

  • Addiction assessment and referrals
  • Individual counselling
  • A Friends & Family Support Group
  • Education on overcoming substance abuse/dependence
  • Treatment to help reduce or stop substance use
  • Aftercare for maintaining abstinence or reduced use

Where We Help

This program is offered at our main office in Aurora as well as many of our satellite offices.

Family & Friends – What About You?

Family, spouses and friends are also welcome to connect for services.

Our Friends & Family Support Group is offered for those concerned about someone else’s use. The person with the substance use behaviour doesn’t have to be a registered client of ASYR for family or friends to access this service.

The group meets together to share ideas and strategies, find support in one another, and process the impact that the substance use behaviour has had on relationships.

To access this service, please contact our:

Intake Department
905-841-7007 or 1-800-263-2288 ext. 322
or complete the Pre-Intake Form