Back on Track

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Have you had more than one “warn range” licence suspension in five years?
Have you been convicted of an impaired driving offence?

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Back on Track is an educational program for people who have committed an impaired driving offence in Ontario. It is designed to help people to separate drinking and other drug use from driving.

ASYR delivers this program in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Who We Help

You need to take Back on Track if one of the following applies to you:

  • You were convicted of a Criminal Code impaired driving offence and you wish to have your driver’s licence reinstated when the suspension period ends. This includes first-time offenders who qualify for the Reduced Suspension with Ignition Interlock Conduct Review Program. Impaired driving offences include:
    • driving or having care and control of any vehicle (including boats) when your ability is impaired by alcohol or other drugs
    • driving or having care and control of any land or water vehicle when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is more than .08 per cent
    • failing or refusing to provide a breath or blood sample.
  • You have committed any combination of the following provincial impaired driving offences in the past 10 years:
    • zero BAC for young drivers
    • warn range (BAC above .05)
    • zero BAC for novice drivers
    • BAC over .08 or fail/refuse testing
    • driving impaired by drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol, based on the Standard Field Sobriety Test
    • driving impaired by drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol, based on drug recognition expert evaluation.

How We Help

Back on Track has three parts:

  1. An assessment to determine whether you need to take the one-day or two-day workshop.
  2. One-Day Education or Two-Day Treatment Workshop.
    • One-day workshop covers myths and facts about alcohol and drugs, how they affect your driving, legal and personal consequences of an impaired driving offence.
    • Two-day workshop covers all of the information in the one day workshop, plus information about why people use substances, ways to cut down, mood-stress-anger management and healthy living.
  3. Six month follow-up to assess your success in meeting your goals and reinforce the strategies for avoiding drinking and driving.

Where We Help

  • ASYR delivers the Back on Track Program at our main office located in Aurora.
  • Register as soon as possible to avoid delays in getting your licence back.

To register for this program, please contact:

Ontario’s Remedial Measures Program for Impaired Drivers
Phone: 416-595-6593 or Toll free: 1-888-814-5831

For more information, contact:

Addiction Services for York Region
Back on Track Program
Phone: 905-841-7007 ext. 331