Bridges to Moms

Are you a pregnant or parenting mom with substance use issues?

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The Bridges to Moms program is offered in partnership with the Black Creek Community Health Centre. Using a harm reduction approach, the program offers support for pregnant and or parenting women who struggle with substance use by providing services, which include:

  • Assessment
  • Information/Referrals
  • One-on-one counselling
  • Assistance with child welfare
  • Advocacy
  • Parenting programs
  • Child development services
  • Education and consultation on issues of substance use
  • Referral to Community Opioid Treatment Program

Who We Help

  • The program offers support for pregnant women and mothers with children 0-6 years who struggle with substance use.

How We Help

Using a variety of approaches, the Bridges to Moms Program can help women and their families:

  • Better understand the reasons for substance use and its impact on you and those around you
  • Develop skills and strategies to support your desired lifestyle changes and goals
  • Receive programs and services that will support your parenting

Where We Help

  • The program is offered at the Black Creek Community Health Centres to residents of York Region and South Simcoe.

To access this service, please contact:

Bridges to Moms Counsellor
Tharshiga Elankeeran at 905-806-0389