Community Withdrawal Management Services

Do you use alcohol and/or other drugs on a daily basis?
Do you want to stop your use?

There can be significant risks and dangers involved in stopping dependent use on your own (“going cold turkey”).   We can help you achieve abstinence safely.

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Who We Help

This service is offered to people who:

  • Live in York Region
  • Are 16 years old or older
  • Are medically stable
  • Apply voluntarily
  • Want to stop their dependent use of substances

Stopping alcohol and/or other drugs can cause mild to severe unpleasant physical and/or emotional symptoms, known as withdrawal symptoms. These can include: anxiety, irritability, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, seizures, psychosis or even death. Some people may need counselling during this process, while others may need more intensive support, such as medical assistance or even hospitalization.

Our Community Withdrawal Management Services (CWMS) program provides professional, non-medical counselling services to clients experiencing substance dependence, who have a goal of abstinence. Our trained professionals help you create a safe withdrawal plan. Participation in this program is voluntary. You do not need a referral. It’s free and it’s confidential.

How We Help

The process involves screening, assessing, planning and monitoring withdrawal symptoms for individuals who may experience mild-moderate withdrawal symptoms when substance use is discontinued. Clients, who are at risk of more severe withdrawal symptoms based on physical health and substance use factors, may be referred to an alternate level of care in preparation for a safe withdrawal.

The CWMS program offers:

  • Assessment and referral
  • Individual counselling
  • Psycho-education to minimize the risk of withdrawal
  • Safe and collaborative withdrawal planning
  • Monitoring of withdrawal symptoms
  • Privacy and confidentiality during the withdrawal process
  • Internal or external referrals for aftercare support.

Where We Help

  • The CWMS program is offered at our main office in Aurora as well as in our Markham and Keswick satellite offices.

To access this service, please contact our:

Intake Department
905-841-7007 or 1-800-263-2288 ext. 322
or complete the Pre-Intake Form

IMPORTANT: If you are in crisis, experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms or needing immediate medical attention, please call 911 or go to your local hospital emergency department.