Court Support

Are you entering the criminal justice system?
Are you also experiencing problems relating to substance or alcohol use?

At ASYR, we focus on you and your recovery. If eligible, we can help you navigate the criminal justice system and help you connect with the appropriate addiction and mental health services within the community. We believe in hope, respect, understanding your strengths and valuing your choices.

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Who We Help

The Court Support Program is designed for those who:

  • Are 12 years and older
  • Are involved in the criminal justice system (Newmarket court)
  • Have a substance use issue
  • Are not likely to re-offend with appropriate supports and treatment
  • Do not pose a risk to the community

How We Help

The program offers:

  • Ongoing support to the individual and families throughout the court process
  • Consulting with client and duty counsel or their lawyer
  • Assisting clients with requests or questions they may have for duty counsel or their lawyer
  • Coordinating a return to court date with client and duty counsel or lawyer
  • Consultation with client’s social and community supports
  • Following up on client‘s progress outside of court
  • Providing consultation, education, and advocacy to client’s support networks and to court staff
  • Assisting individuals in accessing legal aid, bail and other necessary services
  • Referring individuals to appropriate social services and support networks

Where We Help

The Court Support program is offered at the Newmarket Courthouse.

To access this service, please contact:

Newmarket Courthouse
ASYR Court Support Program

Office located outside of Courtroom 202 at the Newmarket Court,
50 Eagle St W, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1

Phone: 905-505-5511

Office located outside of Courtroom 202 at the Newmarket Court.