Mobile Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (M•RAAM)

What is a M•RAAM Clinic?

mraam bus on white backgroundThe Mobile Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (M•RAAM) clinic is a travelling drop-in clinic for people looking for help with their substance use, gambling, and/or tobacco use. Our RAAM “clinic on wheels” offers quick access to quality care and will help you to manage your addiction(s). Our team has experience treating and supporting individuals affected by addictions. We will assess your situation and together, we will develop a treatment plan that works for your needs.

The team travels throughout York Region and makes daily stops based on the needs and locations of our clients. You do not need an appointment to attend this clinic, just visit us at one of our scheduled “stops” throughout the region. You may also schedule your visit in advance to help accommodate your needs and location. Services offered on our vehicle include:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Advice and Overdose Prevention
  • Support and Counselling
  • Medication (if required or necessary)
  • Smoking cessation

Mobile Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (M•RAAM)

  • On the road Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
  • No appointment necessary.

Locations we stop include:

  • 310 Cope – York Support Services Network
  • Al Palladini Community Centre, Woodbridge
  • Blue Door Shelters (for current residents only)
  • Caritas School of Life – Community Treatment Office, Woodbridge
  • Cornerstone to Recovery, Newmarket
  • Pefferlaw Family Health Centre, Pefferlaw
  • Sutton Youth Services, Sutton

To leave a confidential message or for more information, call: (905) 751-6691 or 1 (866) 751-6691

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know where to find the M•RAAM vehicle?

The daily location and vehicle “stops” will be updated on our website.

Can I reserve my spot?

There are options available to “hold” a spot for you at our stops throughout York Region. Please fill out a request using the button at the top of this page or contact our team at (905) 751-6691 or 1 (866) 751-6691 during clinic hours.

Where does M•RAAM stop?

 The M•RAAM vehicle will be parked outside of or nearby partnering agencies or community spaces. The daily location and vehicle “stops” will be updated on our website. You may also locate our clinic by calling (905) 751-6691 or 1 (866) 751-6691.

What if I am late or miss the vehicle at the scheduled stop? 

If you miss us, please contact our team at (905) 751-6691 or 1 (866) 751-6691 to determine next steps. Please leave a voicemail if you do not reach a team member right away.

How do I find the M•RAAM clinic?

The M•RAAM clinic is located inside a bus. You will see a sign labelled ASYR on the bus. Please knock on the door before entering to protect the privacy of individuals accessing our services; one of our team members will assist you.