Smoking Cessation

Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

If you are a client of ASYR or are the family member of a client and are interested in quitting smoking, please speak with your counsellor or nurse. You may also book an appointment with the receptionist.

Man cuts a cigarette with scissors.

The Smoking Cessation Program is offered on Tuesday afternoons.

This specialized program is provided by a nurse practitioner and offers 30 minute appointments with access to free Nicotine Replacement Therapy, pharmacotherapy if appropriate, and supportive counselling, to assist with your goals to quit smoking!

The Stages of Quitting

  • 20 minutes – heart rate and blood pressure drop back to normal levels
  • 12 hours – level of carbon monoxide in the blood drops back to normal
  • 2 weeks – circulation and lung function improve
  • 6 weeks – your energy levels are through the roof!
  • 6 months – Smoker’s cough and shortness of breath are disappearing and your lung capacity is greatly improved
  • 1 year – risk of heart disease is half as high as a smoker’s!

The Smoking Cessation Program is provided in collaboration with CAMH.