Self-Care and its Importance in Recovery

relaxing in a hammock strung between treesIf we don’t take care of ourselves, no one will. This means we must learn healthy self-care techniques in order to obtain or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Caring for yourself physically,  emotionally, spiritually, mentally and socially will help you maintain a stable mood, and lead to increased energy and motivation.  Going for a jog, getting enough sleep, and making time for friends are all ways to promote positive a healthy, balanced life.

Once an addiction develops, stress, negative emotions and boredom can become major triggers for using. Successful addiction recovery can require replacing the use of drugs or
alcohol with healthier alternatives. A lack of self-care leaves you vulnerable to negative feelings and saps your motivation.

Several tips for taking good care of yourself include eating healthier food, having fun and making time to relax every day, getting plenty of sleep and exercise and staying mindful.

For those in recovery, caring for yourself is extremely important. Continuing unhealthy habits can decrease your quality of life and increase your stress. Taking care of yourself can produce a better, happier you!


Adapted from: A Better Today Recovery Services