Spring as a Season of Cleansing and Renewal

6 Tips for Spring Cleansing and Renewal

1. Become Current in Your Life
Spring is a time to shed your former self and shift the habits that hinder your progress toward optimal health. It is a season to embrace yourself honestly as you look at all of your habits and areas of your life. Recognize Spring as a special season to care for yourself and your loved ones. If you can establish this practice now, there is a greater likelihood that you will continue throughout the year. Assess the various aspects of your life to see where stresses or weaknesses exist, including your diet, exercise program, work, or relationships. Focus on the areas that need improvement and develop a simple and achievable plan to bring these areas current in your life.

2. Look at Your Relationships
Take the time to examine the health of your personal and professional relationships. Sometimes, there can be issues in these relationships that hinder you from achieving your professional goals or your highest levels of energy and health. An attitude of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness is one that promotes both outer and inner healing.

3. Choose Three Habits That You Can Change
Think about three habits in your life and attitudes that are likely to undermine your health and life. How and when did they begin? Are they persisting or have they run their course? Do you need help or can you do this on your own? It’s easier to give habits up if you start something new, like breathing and relaxing more, walking, dancing, romancing, and overall, making more time for health.

4. Clean and Organize Your Home
Oftentimes, your outer world can be a reflection of your inner one. If your home and workplace are chaotic it could be a sign that your inner life is also in need of some “Spring Cleaning”. Spring is a time to emerge from our “hibernation”. Move your Body! Stay Fit and Stay Healthy. Hike and explore your neighborhood and extended community or find a place you have heard about and want to visit. A yoga class is a good experience to expand your flexibility. Breathe and relax as well.

5. Take Stock of Your Emotional Life
Spring is a great time to take stock of your emotional and spiritual life. It’s an excellent time to ask yourself—without judgment— how do I feel generally about life and about myself? Am I low or depressed? Or am I more positive and energetic? We feel a wide range of emotions based on our daily life experience, embrace the whys of moods and energy levels with greater honesty of your true feelings, which is the beginning of healing feelings.

6. Choose Healthier Alternatives
Write out a plan and focus on what you will do and what you are going to consume, and not what you are leaving out. Make a list of your good foods, shop for them, and have them available whenever you are hungry. Also try to drink lots of water.

Try to take a break from the big five:
1. Sugar
2. Caffeine
3. Alcohol
4. Wheat
5. Dairy

Adapted from an article in  Total Health Magazine.