Using Apps to Cope With Addiction

Addiction-related apps are free or low-cost, convenient and private tools to help you in the recovery process. Many of these apps were designed using health behaviour change models and the power of social support. Typically these apps include features like sobriety trackers, motivational notifications and quick access to educational resources and meeting-finders.

While apps can be an excellent tool during your recovery treatment, they certainly cannot replace attending professional therapeutic services or consulting with your healthcare provider.

  1. hand holding a smartphoneKnow Drugs (Free) – This free app provides you with an easy way to look up drug testing results, pill warnings and drug alerts and provides you with information about more than 200 substances along with advice on harm reduction and safer use. Taking drugs always involves risks and KnowDrugs can help you take the appropriate measures to reduce potential harms.
  2. Tablets: Journal (Free) – Monitoring your consumption is extremely important. Tablets makes it easy to learn about your habits and trends and make sure you are informed about what you are using, all while tracking the frequency of your usage.
  3. RecoveryBox (Free) – The app helps users break habits by allowing them to track their daily activities on a calendar using red, yellow and green colour coding.
  4. Twenty-Four Hours a Day ($8.94) – This app features over 360 daily meditations for individuals in recovery from addiction.
  5. Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson ($3.99) – Designed to help listeners relax and cope with the emotional and physical cravings of alcohol, this app was made to motivate users to change their thinking about alcohol by engaging with a virtual health coach.

Adapted from: MentalHelp.